My boyfriend wants to watch you fuck me!

Hi, this is my site where you can see me completely nude with my legs open as wide as I can get them. When I look at other girls nude on their sites (which really turns me on) one thing I don't like is all those over shaved pussies. I prefer the natural look. So you'll see me here with my untrimmed hairy pussy bush in all its natural glory!

My boyfriend is a dirty bastard. For ages he's been begging me to make his kinky fantasies come true. At last I've given in and we've commissioned this site to make it possible. You see, he gets his kicks watching me get fucked. We've been to a few swingers' parties where he picks a lucky man (and as long as I fancy him as well) who he invites over to fuck me while he watches. Then we go off to a bedroom where the lucky man fucks me bandy while my boyfriend watches and jerks himself off. A few of his friends get regular turns as well- he's a very popular man, and he says he's having the time of his life! Sometimes when I'm in the mood (i.e. really turned on) I'll let the lucky recipient cum on my face. That really gets my boyfriend going, and he always cums at exactly the same time! Of course, not every ones willing to fuck me with an audience. So sometimes my boyfriend has to make do with me describing it to him while he masturbates (or I give him head).

My boyfriend wanted me to have a website prepared showing someone fucking me, but I drew the line at that! I get quite a buzz thinking of all those men out there seeing me nude, with my legs spread holding my pussy open. But exhibitionist as I am, I was not willing to allow pictures of me fucking to be published (sorry to disappoint you). But if you're satisfied seeing me nude by myself, and imagining yourself fucking me, come on in. Any way, he's got a damn cheek, he's too shy to appear here, yet he expects me to expose my gaping pussy and asshole to the entire world.

The explicit pictures of me are inside. There's also an e-mail link to contact me and my boyfriend. If we both like the sound of you, and what you want to do to me, we'll get back to you to arrange a meet.

This site contains sexually explicit images. Those under 18, or those easily offended should not enter.

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